The url driven application framework

outdb is url driven application framework with easy to use. All the db data you need into a variable.


Url driven app

outdb is url driven application framework. All the db data you need into an array variable.

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Easy to use database framework

Its easy to request data from the mysql db also to insert and update data. Only the url is required.

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Uses Services

Each page has a service with or without table of data. Also outdb have father service.

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Many urls same service

One url has its service. So the programer build just one page for all the urls within its service

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Image of the db

One url at the outdb function returns exact the db table name and fields into an array

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Father Service

The db structure let us know which service needs another service info from the db.

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Create resposive web apps

You can you ajax or standar post and get methods to make it intractive.

  • Ajax is easy to work with
  • Post and Get is easy to work with
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About outdb


All you need to know about db framework

G. Katsoupakis Jan 18, 2019 News


// This is INSERT

$input = array ('id' = 2, 'name' = 'trikas', 'tel' = '210423423');

insert("pelates", $input);

// This is a SELECT table field (array) $table[]['id'] / row (array) $row['id'] / field $field.
// Using LIMIT 1? return 1 row or `field

$table = db("SELECT" pelates).

$row = db("SELECT * FROM" WHERE 'id` = 1 LIMIT 1; ");

$field = db("SELECT" name FROM `pelates` WHERE 'id` = 1 LIMIT 1;');


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On the database

James Phelps Jan 18, 2019 News

The outdb table contains all url records what service the URL is and who is the owner.

The service table contains the services. Each service definitely has a file in /app/$iste/kati.php . It can also have a table that will store the information. It can also have a Father Service ie the outdb example The subject of the service does not have a father service, but the article service has the father's service on the subject.
The rest of the tables are from the services.

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James Phelps Jan 18, 2019 News

For a social network it has made it, but anything can happen. The most unbelievable thing he has found is that he opens the way for creating applications that do not exist and does not restrict the levels and the connection between the tables of the bases.
In early form is at

The developer to work on a site enters the admin and places the services. shapes the tables to have what he wants at his bottom. And then it creates the application with the $ outdb and some tempalte importers of dir and db changes.

It's so easy to create an app that just needs to make the appearance of the app.

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